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My theories and concepts may change but what remains true for me is simple: My art is my voice and my happiest space.

Art has a way of allowing me to escape to a place that I not only get to create but watch unfold in front of my eyes at the same time. My creative process rides the line between the knowing and not knowing, flipping back and forth into the conscious and subconscious. I could probably spend the remainder of my life trying to come up with the perfect artist statement that describes my deep desire to create. My theories and concepts may change but what remains true for me is simple. My art is my voice and my happiest space. The creative wave is the most freeing and liberating place I’ve found. I am so fortunate to be an artist and to be able to share it with others.

The Making of an ENJOYABLOCK

I used to be terrified of a blank white canvas. Who am I kidding? I still am! This is how the Enjoyablock originally came to being, way back in 2009, while working in my parents basement. I didn’t have a lot of extra money to spend on new art supplies, but I did have scraps of 2×4″ wood, and there was something much less anxiety provoking about working on a piece of dinged-up wood. I used what I had available- paper from an old dictionary I found, postage stamps from recycled envelopes, basically anything I could collage with that was free. The pressure went away and I got to work creating. I spent so many hours in that basement developing a style of my own, learning mixed media, and eventually starting what has become my business, PS Enjoy Your Life. It started as a reminder to me when I struggled to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. That I should pay attention to what truly lights me up, and do that. The rest will fall into place. And it has. With a whole lot of hard work, of course!

Enjoy this video of how I make my current Enjoyablocks.

These are all made with prints of my original work from over the years, and while my style has changed and developed, I still have some 2009 “oldies” that sell well to this day!


Jen, your art is truly amazing. I have your work throughout my house and they have become my daily mantras! Not only has your work beautified my life it has given hope and happiness to my friends as the best gifts ever. Thank you for your unique and remarkable art!

Marie Q.

I love giving pieces when I need unique, inspirational, or memorable gifts! The personalization on the memory boxes makes a nice wedding gift. I’ve given a few and the recipients have been thrilled! The best part for me is the online ordering! Shipping is quick, which I love because sometimes I’m in a hurry!

Diane A.

I first saw Jen's artwork at Park Ave Fest. I grabbed an ornament for my Christmas tree this year. Now browsing the website, I can't wait to purchase more. There's one for everyone on my list!

Nicole J.
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